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Our aim with CrewRides is to create the opportunity to transform the time of freedom that the Crew members have in land, in wisely and dedicated experiences. We will turn your restricted and precious time into something special and unforgettable.


Message from the Captain CrewRides®


Hello Riders,

During my last ten years serving as a Seaman I’ve experienced all the joys, battles and fights that we, as a Crew, face on a daily basis.

Often we complain about our lives at sea, but when we look at those memories, those pictures which instantly take us to that day, to that time, to that love, to that sensation of freedom, right back to that amazing EXPERIENCE, they will make everything we passed worth it.

With the spirit and full dedication on creating more unique moments while proportionate marvelous memories we decided to advance with the CrewRides project.

From crewmember to crewmember we kindly let you know that is with a huge pleasure and commitment that we will present you with some of the best experiences that our beautiful homeland can give.


Captain CrewRides®

Custom Experiences
Climatized Vans with Free Wifi
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Meet our Crew

tiago carrelo

Captain CrewRider

pedro carrelo

Staff Captain CrewRider

joão catarino

Bosun CrewRider

joão cruz

1st AB CrewRider

Bernardo Maria

Expedition Lider CrewRider

Tomé Martins Vitor

Cruise Director CrewRider

The Ships

A/C and Free Wifi

Want to be part of our Crew?

If you like our CrewRider outfit and want a souvenir from your experience, contact us saying whats your order and we will get the CrewRider outfit to your address or delivered during your ride.

Crew Polo

Embroidery in front and back collar

Crew Key Lanyard

Crew Cap

Cap Classics by Yupoong


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