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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • In case we miss the Ship due to any unexpected problem that can cause a delay, who will be responsible?

    At CrewRides we accept all the responsibility to comply with the timings agreed.

    We establish our Rides always with a comfortable safety margin, what makes a possible delay a very unlikely situation. Anyhow if it happens by any external factor beyond our control and the Vessel leaves the port without the Crew we will support all the costs and transfers to guarantee that you will get the Vessel on her next port of Call.

  • Leaving the Vessel where can we find the CrewRides member?

    The CrewRides member will be waiting for you at the terminal exit at the time previously agreed beetween both parties.

    The CrewRides member will be properly identified with an orange Polo shirt with CrewRides in blue letters, Black Hat with CrewRides Trident and an A3 Identifying plate with CrewRides logo and the Name/Reservation code on it.

  • We have a Crew group and for a giving reason one of the Crew members do not show up for the experience. Should the agreed experience price will be the same?

    Unfortunately in this case the Experience price should be adjusted according to the price table at the website.

  • How can we pay and what methods of payment are available?

    At CrewRides we have several methods of payment.

    • You can pay in Cash Dollars or Euros on the Ride moment, in case of Dollars the payment will be adjusted at the daily exchange rate.
      We also accept any card payment at the Ride moment via portable payment device SumUp.
      In advance or at the time of the Ride Experience you can pay also via the internet by PayPal.
      Depending on the group and experience specifications it could be requested a pre-booking payment in advance.

  • How to reserve any of your experiences?

    All our experiences, descriptions and respective prices are totally available on our Website.

    The reservation can be done via Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, via Email or through our Website Form. You will be attended by an experienced CrewRides member and he will guide you throughout the booking process and present you the all the details of the Ride according to your conditions.

    Reserve the Ride by yourself or by your Crew welfare department onboard as applicable.

  • Your area of operation covers all Portugal or only Lisbon?

    CrewRides is a brand new concept, currently, restricted to our home port of Lisbon.

    In a near future we have a plan to extend our line of activity to other ports in Portugal and who knows to other foreign ports keeping always the same personal and hospitality experience that makes us different.

  • At CrewRides do you have any other experiences beside the ones proposed by you on your Website?

    At CrewRides we are always flexible.
    It will be a pleasure to consider and attend to your proposals and desires.

    Something exclusive like a birthday party, sunset party, barbecue event among the Crew, disco evening or simply enjoying time at a beach bar. Whatever you can think of we are always here to listen and achieve the moments you deserve.

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