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Oceanário de Lisboa Experience

Crew Size

Groups 5 to 8 Riders


4 hours


10 am to 19 pm, 7 days a week

Oceanário de Lisboa Experience

Dear Crewmember and guest, get ready for our “Oceanário de Lisboa Experience”, a special site where Humans meet the simplicity and beautifulness of Sea life creatures.


Rated by TripAdvisor as the best Aquarium in whole world for the year of 2018, the Ocenarium assumes itself as something that certainly you cannot miss.

It definitely will surprise you by the quality on how the sea creatures are disposed and living in a sense of freedom, that same sense of freedom that will instantly involve you by its peace.

As a personal touch of CrewRides we will not limit you only to the Aquarium, we will share with you our famous Portuguese custard tart called Pastel de Belém on the freshly and cool seaside walkway close to the Ocenarium.


Oceanário de Lisboa: Check your ride

About the Oceanário de Lisboa Experience:

  • On all timings we add a discount for any delay or any unexpected situation that could occur.
  • The times expressed are the minimum (4 hours). If you want to, we can always extend the experience without any extra cost up to 5 hours if you have more time.
  • The program can take place at any time of the day depending of course on the Oceanário schedule.
  • Do not hesitate and share onboard your ideas and plan your group, just make it happen and share with us your comments through email, phone, whatsapp or messenger.
  • We kindly remind you that planning in advance is the key success to all operations and that we will always be here to discuss any details, issues or doubts from your side - flexibility is our Ride.


Choose your Crew and let’s Ride

Enjoy your Oceanário de Lisboa Experience specially created for groups between 5 and 8 riders. An unique experience!
Oceanário de Lisboa Experience
5 to 8 Riders
per Rider
4 hours
10 am to 19 pm, 7 days a week

Feel connected with the Oceans in Lisbon

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