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Our Lady of Fatima Experience

Crew Size

Groups 4 to 8 Riders


6 hours


24h, 7 days a week

Our Lady of Fatima Experience

Let our staff to take you to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima, where three children witnessed the Marian apparitions of Our Lady of the Rosary, later known as Our Lady of Fatima by parishioners and pilgrims.


Dear Crewmember get ready and be prepared, because in that Experience,  you will be guided to one of the holiest and most peaceful sites in the world . Here we will give you the opportunity to see, feel and connect with faith.

In this place, in 1917 from May to October, the six apparitions of Our Lady Fatima took place to a group of three little shepherds who witnessed the miracle.

We will take you to Valinhos village, the holy place where the 4th apparition of  Our Lady Fatima took place. That way you can enjoy the village hospitality and the warmth of the people that carry the holy message.

Before we head to the noble and magnificent Sanctuary of Fatima, feel free to enjoy a tasty and local cuisine sandwich at your own selection.

At the Sanctuary of Fatima the huge square with its architectural references marks the place by its singularity, testify one of the hugest open sky churches in the world. Enjoy your free time to wander and peruse this magnificent place.

After, if you want to, we will continue on to the nicest souvenir shop in Fatima where you will be able to purchase a special souvenir.

It will then be time to “return to reality” and a chance to connect with your friends and family.
Share treasured memories of this enlightening experience.


Our Lady of Fatima: Check your ride

For lunch
Tasty sandwich

Around 30 minutes

About Our Lady of Fatima Experience:

  • On all timings we add a discount for any delay or any unexpected situation that could occur.
  • The times expressed are the minimum (6 hours). If you want to, we can always extend the experience without any extra cost up to 8 hours if you have more time.
  • The 6 hours program can be done at any time of the day on a 24 hours basis.
  • We kindly remind you that planning in advance is the key success to all operations and that we will always be here to discuss any details, issues or doubts from your side - flexibility is our Ride.


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Enjoy your Our Lady of Fatima Experience specially created for groups between 4 and 8 riders. An unique experience!
Our Lady of Fatima Experience
4 to 8 Riders
per Rider
From 6 hours
24h, 7 days a week

Pray and feel peaceful in the Sanctuary of Fatima

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