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Portuguese Seafood Experience

Crew Size

Groups 5 to 8 riders


4 hours


Lunch and Dinner

Portuguese Seafood Experience

With the Portuguese Seafood Experience you will try the best of the traditional portuguese food. You will love it!


Dear Crewmember, get ready and be prepared because what you are about to taste and to experience on this particular Ride, is something that you will never forget. We will take you to one of the hidden and most spectacular traditional corners of Portugal, a place called Ericeira.

Firstly we tempt your taste buds with an array of starters, followed by a Seafood soup.

The main event is with our Seafood “Smorgasbord”, a fine example of the variety and freshness of what Portugal cuisine has to offer from its surrounding seas, guaranteed to awaken your palate. A meal specially selected by our Chefs, expertly served by our professional team, each and every dish will help you understand why Portugal is so highly rated in the culinary world.

Our commitment to quality and service during this experience is paramount to your enjoyment, whilst also making you feel at home, is our aim.

Join CrewRides for a Portuguese culinary experience that you will never forget. Enjoy a glass (or two) of homemade Portuguese wine with your friends. You will not be disappointed with the quality of the food and the service that we have to offer on this experience. You will see Portuguese hospitality at its best.


Seafood in Portugal: Check your ride

About the Seafood in Portugal Experience

  • On all timings we add a discount for any delay or any unexpected situation that could occur.
  • The times expressed are the minimum (4 hours). It is possible to extend the experience without any extra cost for up to 5 hours and include a walk at Ericeira, a very unique and traditional Portuguese village.
  • We operate for lunch and dinner.
  • We kindly remind you that planning in advance is the key success to all operations and that we will always be here to discuss any details, issues or doubts from your side - flexibility is our Ride.


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Enjoy your Portuguese Seafood Experience specially created for groups between 5 and 8 Riders. Join us today!
Seafood Experience
5 to 8 Riders
per Rider
4 hours,
Lunch and Dinner - 7 days a week

It's food time! Come to try the best Portuguese food!

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