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Surfing in Portugal Experience

Crew Size

Groups 5 to 8 Riders


4 hours


From sunrise to sunset

Surfing in Portugal Experience

With our Surf Experience you will check by yourself why Portugal is one of the best surf spots in the world.


Well known by the world record on the biggest wave ever surfed at Nazaré, Portugal is one of the best surf destination for surfers of all types. Our beautiful coast has the perfect conditions during all year, for all types of surfers. From surf beginners to professionals, Portugal really fits all the needs for surfers.

Our wild Atlantic beaches with breathless landscapes are the perfect scenario for some great moments in Portugal, with our Crew family.

The surf experience by itself, the contact with pure nature and with the Atlantic ocean, will relieve you from all stress and give you a pleasant sensation of freedom, like the one that only surfers can feel.

According to your skills and conditions,  we will ensure that you will enjoy every moment in perfect harmony in Nature with all the safety requirements fulfilled.

Note that, a professional and certified trainer will be with you all the time.

It’s better a bad day at the beach surfing than a good day at work.


Surfing in Portugal: Check your ride

About the Surfing in Portugal Experience:

  • On all timings we add a discount for any delay or any unexpected situation that could occur.
  • The times expressed are the minimum - around 4 hours. in case you want to, we can extend the surf experience accordingly.
  • The 4 hours surf program can be done at any time during the day, from sunrise to sunset.
  • The activity is covered by all respective and required insurances.


Choose your Crew and let’s Ride

The Surfing in Portugal Experience was specially created for groups between 5 and 8 riders. Join us today!
Surf Experience
5 to 8 Riders
Per rider
4 hours
from Sunrise to Sunset

It's surf time! Portuguese waves are waiting for you!

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